Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire


Desperate Housewives, Faking It, Finding Carter, The Office S6


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Not a spoiler free blog.

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Jennifer Lawrence for Dior 2014-15 Fall and Winter Women’s Handbag Collection

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SSFF: “Escobar: Paradise Lost” film photocall - Septemeber 26th 2014
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This is the r e v o l u t i o n. And you are the m o c k i n g j a y.

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What are your feelings about Haymitch?

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natalie dormer attends the christian dior show // september 26, 2014 x

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pack for all these times

happy birthday, babs <3

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listen, i’m never going to let you use my laptop idk what exactly i have to hide but i’m 200% sure there’s something

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"Are they changed because they want to go back to their old life, or is it because they’re so depressed at realizing their old life was no better than what we have now?" [insp

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All i’m saying is that i just want BOTH Zach and Frankie to be happy if they get in a relationship or just stay great friends